Baringa Child Care Centre

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Room Information Booklets

Each room has a booklet that contains a bit of information about the room and a sheet for you to complete to allow the educators in the room learn and understand more about your child.







Other Forms

Enrolment forms

Contract of Care

Child Pick Up Form (Once Off): This form allows another person over 18 years of age to collect your child with parent permission on one occasion

Child Pick Up Form (Ongoing): This form allows another person over 18 years of age to collect your child with parent permission on several occasions.

Family Evaluation Form: Anytime you would like to provide Baringa your feedback, please complete this and drop it into us or email / mail it to us.

Photography Consent Form 

ACT Government - Immunisation record letter: We are required to sight immunisation records for all children at Baringa.  From 2017 we need to send a copy to ACT Health.   

2017 Enrolment Form & Contract of Care: Existing families - please complete this form & return it to the Office ASAP

Booking request form for 2018: Existing families - please complete this form & return it to the office before the end of the year.

Baringa Board & Association Membership

Baringa Child Care Centre is an Incorporated Association operating under a Board of Directors. Families are required to be members of the Association. Forms and information about the board is available via:

National Quality Framework

Baringa Childcare Centre was assessed and rated under the National Quality Framework (NQF) in November 2016 and we are delighted to confirm that we have been rated as "Exceeding National Quality Standard".

Our Certificate is available here and the Report is available here

The Baringa Quality Improvement Plan is submitted  annually. Updates on this process will be provided to families as required. Further information about the NQF  is available from the Australian Children's and Care Quality Authority website at

Every year, Baringa participates in the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Please feel free to make any contribution to our plan via email, phone call or in person.  Our QIP 2016 is available here

Useful Websites for Families

Phone:  6264 0200

Policies & Procedures

Please find here a copy of our 

Policy and Procedures

Centre Menu

At our service, we rotate a 4 week cycle menu which is reviewed regularly with nutritionists.
To view a copy of the menu, please click the following:

Board Minutes

Interpretation Facility

Translation to any document can be made available upon request.
Interpretation Services and Personnel are available through:

  • Arabic: 13 14 50: إذا  كنت  بحاجة  إلى  مترجم  إتصل  بالرقم
  • Chinese: 如果您需要翻譯,請致電: 13 14 50
  • Croatian: Ako trebate tumača, nazovite: 13 14 50
  • English: If you need a translator, call 13 14 50
  • Greek: Αν χρειάζεστε διερμηνέα, τηλεφωνήστε: 13 14 50
  • Italian: Se hai bisogno di un interprete, chiamate: 13 14 50
  • Maltese: Jekk għandek bżonn ta 'interpretu, sejħa: 13 14 50
  • Persian: اگر شما لازم است, فراخوان 450 131
  • Polish: Jeśli potrzebujesz tłumacza, zadzwoń: 13 14 50
  • Portuguese: Se você precisar de um intérprete, ligue para: 13 14 50
  • Serbian: Ако треба тумача, назовите: 13 14 50
  • Spanish: Si usted necesita un intérprete, llame al: 13 14 50
  • Turkish: Eğer bir tercümana ihtiyacınız Arama: 13 14 50
  • Vietnamese: Nếu bạn cần một thông dịch viên, xin gọi: 13 14 50
  • Translating and and Interpreting Service 131 450

Canberra and District - 24 hours a day , seven days a week


Annex A - Waiting List Application

Annex B - Clothing & Belongings

Annex C - Excursion Preparation

Annex D - General Hygiene

Annex E - Toileting & Washing

Annex F - Rendering First Aid

Annex G - Exclusion Policy 

Annex H - Nappy Changing Procedure

Annex I - Food Hygiene Procedure

Annex J - Bottle Heating

Annex K - Dangerous Goods Action Plan

Annex L - Emergency Evacuation

Annex N - Fees & Payments

Annex O - Consultative Committee - not currently required

Annex P - Association Membership Application

Annex R - Board of Directors - see Baringa Board tab

Annex S - Contract of Care

Annex T - Enrolment Form and Contract of Care

Annex U - EBM Procedure

Annex V - Induction Checklist for Students/Volunteers

Access - speed limits

Please take care when you drive in to / out of the Centre.  There are lots of children around - normal road rules apply and you should always observe speed limits!  

Person responsible for complaints

Betty Lam (Nominated supervisor)

Phone: 02 62588891


Baringa Childcare Centre will ensure that all complaints are addressed within a reasonable time frame.